SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants is the Netherlands’ executive PA-search specialist for excellent leadership. We source the right, next-level personal assistants as business partners for CEO’s, allowing them to focus on their expertise, and on achieving sustainable corporate results. Exceptionally agile, and impactful. Because we believe that personal attention, focus and quality are prerequisites for sustained corporate success.

And we are delighted to use our passion, expertise, and network for your benefit.

SMEENK’S. Assisting Excellent Leadership.

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Success for top personal assistants

the whole is more than the sum of its parts

You will receive our full guarantee for a business partnership role. Spot-on and more than appropriate. For a business tandem that makes you as a personal assistant a better personal assistant. Teams more flexible and energetic and organizations more agile as a whole. We create a strong synergy that far exceeds the sum of its parts. In this way we consolidate your success and that of your executive and organization. Together.

Success for top personal assistants

DISC personality assessment

DISC maps preferred behavior and communication in various environments. Contributing to an (improved) understanding of what motivates you and others and why you and others make specific decisions. DISC improves open communication, personal effectiveness and strengthens relationships.

We have been qualified to use DISC as an instrument in our search for our client’s ideal personal assistant (and your ideal role!).

DISC through Smeenk's Personal Assistants
Danielle Balabanova for Smeenk's Personal Assistants

Success for top personal assistants

Coaching service

We optimally invest in your sustained success. Every candidate we mediate is therefore eligible to a trajectory by drs. Daniella Balabanova MBA, free of charge, during the first year of their start with our client. For the benefit of their functioning with our client.

Success for top personal assistants

Sparkle your talents masterclasses

Furthermore, we enjoy investing in personal assistants who want to continue to lead the way in their professional development through our masterclass series “Sparkle Your Talents”. Including valuable participation certificate, personal acquaintance, networking and a delicious lunch and/or dinner.

  • Especially designed for PAs who want to (continue to) lead the way in their professional development.

  • Developed with and presented by the best experts.

  • Always at sparkling and inspiring locations.

You are an excellent PA, in excellent company:


Minimale tijdsinvestering, optimaal rendement met Smeenk's Personal Assistants

Success for top personal assistants

Our clients

As illustrated above, we are passionate about working with ambitious people and organizations. Our clients are top-level executives who are eager to create an optimum focus on their expertise and on achieving sustained corporate results. Agile, with impact and the right strength. This through the right, next-level and first-class top personal assistant. This next-level top personal assistant is well-educated, ambitious, future proof and technologically savvy. Simply the best! Our assignments are exclusive and focus on personal integrity and professionalism. We are optimally committed to achieving every single client’s individual objectives.

And this is where we (and you!) make a difference!

Success for top personal assistants

The evolution of the PA profession

The PA profession has evolved into a business partnership role. A role that enables the next-level of first-class top personal assistants to flexibly deploy the expertise for their respective executive, board and organization. We are at the forefront of this change.

We know better than anyone that this next-level of first-class top personal assistants is and must be of a particularly high quality. The next-level of first-class top personal assistants has earned their spurs in business. They are well-educated (professional and intellectual ability at the level of higher professional education and university), ambitious, digital proof, internationally oriented and strategically skilled.

They are a business partner of the executive board who are able to advise, act proactively and undertake their own initiatives. With a clear view of the dot on the horizon and also taking control of the route towards that dot.

Contemporary executives and organizations seeking to respond optimally to the latest trends and developments, simply cannot do without this next-level of first-class top personal assistants.

We have outlined our principles and how these will benefit you, in a brand manifesto. This manifesto, together with our passion for personal assistance, guides all our activities.

You hire the best personal assistant only via Smeenk's Personal Assistants
Focus through Smeenk's Personal Assistants

Success for top personal assistants

Our procedures

Our procedures are exclusive with a maximum time span of 2-4 weeks upon assignment acceptance and three to four candidates per position. In other words: short communication lines, fast and spot-on!

In addition to our own network, we generally advertise via social media (kindly refer to our social media links in the header and footer), and (search criteria SMEENK’S) and our newsletter (kindly refer to our registration form in the footer). So would you like to stay informed? Choose your ideal medium, connect and follow us!

We look forward to meeting with new candidates through our vacancies. We treat every application with the strictest confidence. Also see our privacy policy.

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