Excellent results with SMEENK'S Top Personal Assistants for:


Excellent results with SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants

Personal approach above all

We pay the utmost attention to screening candidates. We personally see to it that only the very best candidates are presented. During a personal introductory meeting we make an inventory of all wishes and requirements of the top-level executive and their organization. And we would like to get to know close colleagues. Everything for the right result. We always stay close. Even after the match. With our Coaching and Masterclass service.

Personal attention, focus and quality. Always and everywhere, at any time.

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Excellent results with SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants

Being innovative to your advantage

Through our omnichannel search and perfect efficiency, you will be certain to find and contract your right candidate within 2-4 weeks. We see the role of personal assistants evolve and lead the way in that change and thus in finding the right, next-level and first-class personal assistant for every corporate executive in the Netherlands.

We see that reflected in our results.

Our success = Your next level

Our keyword is ‘personalized’. This means  that we customize every search to your specific objectives and dynamics. And we execute with integrity and personal expertise. 


Maximum ‘Time to hire’ from 2 to 4 weeks upon receipt of your order.

Retention after 4 years​
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After 4 years, your right, next-level PA will still be working for you and to your full satisfaction.

Success and 6 months guarantee​
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A sustainable investment in your and your organization’s success.
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