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Agility is one of the most important components of leading effectively today. As a 21st century business leader, CEO or executive board member in a constantly changing world, it is crucial that you are able to manage many areas of focus simultaneously. With impact, great maneuverability and strength. Determining, monitoring and when needed, adjusting the strategic dot on the horizon. In addition, leading, inspiring stakeholders and team members, maintaining good business relationships and keeping a close eye on the latest technological developments and trends. Moreover, continuing to see opportunities in a growing competitive and globalizing market. Not to mention the daily calls, meetings and emails. 

The position of a 21st century business leader requires more attention, focus and quality. For achieving sustainable corporate results. For an impactful presence and maneuverability. Both within and outside of the organization. How do you monitor your freedom of movement in this dynamic? How do you ensure that matters outside of your core business as a leader do not consume too much time? How do you remain sufficiently agile in volatile times? 

The right, next-generation and first-class personal assistant as your business partner will be of great value here. 

The new generation of first-class personal assistants via Smeenk's Personal Assistants

Success for executives and organizations


The next generation of first-class personal assistants is one of high-level business and able to act as sparring partner. They are well-educated (from the level of higher professional education and university), ambitious, technologically savvy and future proof. 

Enabling you and your organization to continue to leverage your time and energy for maximum productivity and reach your full potential. So that you are able to make decisions faster and to respond more quickly to the constantly changing environment, digitization and complexity. 

Others have preceded you by investing in their success. You will find their references under results.

Success for executives and organizations


There is room  for growth at the hightest level within organizations. Both for individuals and organizations. There is room at the top to grow into an organization with impact. Into an organization with more innovative power. Into and organization that uses its full potential.

The right, next-generation and first-class personal assistant will help to make optimum use of that space. Will optimize work. Will help to achieve sharp gains in productivity and impact. Will help leaders develop further. And if both your personal and business life run smoothly, there is also room to add even more value. For example to society.

A personal assistant from Smeenk's Personal Assistant leverages business growth
Smeenk's Personal Assistants

Success for executives and organizations


We focus on the top of corporate Netherlands. Our distinctive search process focused on customization is key here. A process that is characterized by the right personal attention and focus. And by setting the highest and right quality requirements for candidates. Smeenk’s is therefore an ideal match. The best and perfect fit. Smeenk’s personal assistants are Simply the best.

Choosing Smeenk’s also means investing in long-term success. 

Do you want to increase your focus and achieve long-term corporate success? Agile and with impact?

Then it will be our pleasure finding your right, next-generation and first-class personal assistant. When you fill in this form, we will be happy to contact you.