A Personal Assistant’s Dreams and Ambitions

In Esther Weemers we found the right, new generation personal assistant for the two-man management of INNO Metal & Assembly (INNO) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 

In addition, we have been working with Esther as a virtual assistant, since October 2020. And with pleasure.

Esther has created new opportunities for her management and herself. Please read below how she has realized dreams and ambitions during the past six months. 

We wish you great inspiration! 

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In June 2020 I made the decision to start the training “start a successful business as a virtual assistant” at VA school. Now, six months later, I can say that this has been a success. I have completed my education and have founded my own organization: PUUREsther. In this article I will share my story on how much I have learned and how I have overcome several obstacles. These past few months have been a period of growth and development for which I am very grateful.”

   The training 

“The training consisted of 15 modules. Each module dealt with a different theme, all aimed at starting your own organization as a virtual assistant. Themes such as ‘know yourself’ and ‘set your goals’. Simple perhaps, but they really made you think. ‘What are my qualities and my pitfalls? What are my core values? And what is my why’? It brought me beautiful and valuable insights and gave me extra motivation to fully commit to my goals and dreams.

You were then provided with all the information, necessary for setting up your business and finances. Very useful to have all requirements clear before starting your own organization.

Then we actually got to work with the “virtual” part: online marketing, social media, website building and online tools. I never thought that I could create a website myself, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am so proud of the result. I have learned a lot in these modules. And I would like to continue working on this. 

For the final assignment, I looked back at all the steps I took. Have I dealt with every challenge? Or are there any steps left to be taken? I set new goals for myself, identified new obstacles and formulated actions to overcome them. But above all, I have reflected on all the valuable lessons I have learned. 

My final assignment has now been submitted and this month I learned that I had passed! I now have an official VA certificate as proof of successfully completing my training. It was a valuable training that helped me build a sustainable foundation for my organization. Based on focus, quality and success.”

   Go with the flow

“The last period was a period of trial and error. If things went wrong, I could feel very insecure. But at other times I felt super energetic and proud. I had planned to complete my training in four months. In practice, I completed my training in six months. During the fifth week I already came into contact with a number of entrepreneurs I could start working for. An opportunity that you will of course not pass up, but it also ensured that from now on I was working seven days a week. I took this with enthusiasm and continued to set myself the goal of completing one module of the training every week. This went well for a long time, but when I also started building my own website and was allowed to expand my clientele, this was no longer feasible. 

This was also a learning moment for me: accepting and ‘go with the flow’. You cannot plan everything and, as we learned during the training: ‘take care of yourself’. I always set the bar very high, so it was not easy for me to accept this. But during the process I did learn to focus on the right things and also to set boundaries and take good care of myself.”

   My biggest change

“What has the change brought me? The most important thing for me is that now that I have my own organization, I experience much more freedom. I can plan my days myself and because of this I experience so much more rest. It means that I enjoy working every day.”


“Earlier this month I had my end-of-year assessment with my employer. It was nice to hear that my board members were very satisfied with the collaboration as it is now taking place in three days. They appreciate my flexibility and experience that I have gained as an independent entrepreneur and that I can now support them even in an improved manner in a number of areas. For example, they experience me as even more result-oriented. It is very nice how the win-win situation that I had imagined myself in advance, has actually turned out. In short, more flexibility, innovation and extraordinary maneuverability. Both for my management and for me. Entrepreneurship brings uncertainties, but the freedom and pleasure it also brings, makes it more than worth it for me. I can now say: ‘I’ve succeeded in realizing my dreams and ambitions!’ “

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“Opportunities and Dreams of a Personal Assistant” | Esther Weemers.

Text and photograph: Esther Weemers.

Esther Weemers for Smeenk's Personal Assistants Interview
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