The secret of success

“Believe in the power of diverse teams, because together you are stronger!”

Miranda Heining
General Manager Fresenius Kabi Belgium & The Netherlands

What is the secret of success? Is there one trait behind the success of those who excel in business?

With extraordinary respect and admiration for this ‘leading lady’, inspirer and highly valued relation of more than 12 years, it is our pleasure to spotlight her today -on Labour Day, which also happens to be her birthday- as she deserves!

And of course congratulations Miranda and many happy returns!

For this special occasion, we have interviewed her on the secret of her success. Please find her surefire belief factors below.  

We wish you great inspiration and of course, great success!

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We are eager to hear the secret of her success. After all, Miranda Heining began her career as a qualitative market researcher and thus discovered the dynamic pharmaceutical world that immediately captured her interest. In a leading pharmaceutical organization, she grew from product manager to market manager and then sales director. In 2008, Miranda became a commercial director at the Dutch office of Fresenius Kabi, an international organization, specializing in clinical nutrition, life-saving medicine and infusion and transfusion technology. Miranda has been Fresenius Kabi’s general manager for Belgium & the Netherlands since 2018.

Please find her most important success factors below.

   Energy and courage

“People know me as someone with a significant amount of energy, passion and a drive to win. These qualities certainly help me in my career and I enjoy trying new approaches as well. Looking outside of my comfort zone every now and then keeps me on my toes. This requires courage. Everything worthwile in life does.”

   Diverse teams

“I believe in the strength of diverse teams, respecting different roles and personalities, because together you are stronger. You need each other. It is exactly because I find a diverse team so valuable, that I have been working with Maartje Smeenk for 12 years now. She finds the right candidate with the personality we are still lacking in our team. It is for this reason that Maartje’s efforts yield such sustainable results.”

   Empowering people

“I believe that success can only be achieved by empowering people. In general, not everyone with amazing qualities stands out. Therefore, it is important to significantly invest in enabling people to grow and to stand out, thus getting everyone in the right place. If you focus on your best qualities, you will get the best out of yourself. And this will be benificiairy to the organization as a whole.”

   Being yourself

I believe that people need to feel free to be themselves and need to have the courage to shine. This is only possible if one is allowed to make mistakes. I create a safe atmosphere by listening, showing commitment and by being open and approachable. Humor also goes a long way! I have learned that you can never do it right for everyone, but that by staying true to yourself and to your goal, you will almost always do it right.”

   Keep learning

“Additionally, I think it is important to keep learning while maintaining a broad outlook. I do that through networking and by dedicating myself to good causes. I learn from this, meet inspiring people and of course: it’s fun. The latter being essential, as work should always be enjoyable!”.

   Work that matters

“Finally, Fresenius Kabi’s work really matters and this is an additional drive for me. During the COVID-crisis, we supply additional infusion pumps to ICus, COVID ICu medication, etc. This requires an extra effort from all of us in helping taking care of critically ill patients. I enjoy being able to provide this added value, making a difference in people’s lives. Working from home during COVID also requires an extra effort to stay connected. We invest in preserving the right energy. For example, I reserve time for personal conversations with team members, regularly send gifts, encourage people to go for a walk, you name it. But we all miss the spontaneous ‘coffee talks’ and the energy that arises from meeting in person. I keep spreading positivity and offering perspective. In short: we keep up the courage and our sense of humor!”

“Believe in the power of diverse teams, because together you are stronger!”


“The secret of success | Miranda Heining”. 

Interview: Silvia Kooij.

Miranda Heining for Smeenk's Personal Assistants
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