International Women’s Day 2021: Bibian Mentel

“Follow your passion and become the best version ofyourself. And that allows you to make the impossible possible. It’s all about Mentelity.”

Bibian Mentel

In our opinion, the tribute in the context of International Women’s Day 2021 can only go to one top woman:

B I B I A N   M E N T E L

A special and strong woman, who can look back on her life with pride. But a woman who also has to say farewell at a very young age… She is an example to many.

Bibian Mentel is a.o. Paralympic World Champion Snowboardcross and Banked Slalom 2018 and founder of the Mentelity Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to get children and young adults with a physical disability fully into sports. To teach them to think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations. Something that Bibian has become the personification of.

In 2014, after 8 years of lobbying, she managed to get snowboarding on the Paralympic agenda of Sochi 2014 and to win the gold medal herself. That year she also won the Whang Youn Dai achievement award. This is a prestigious award for athletes who -in addition to their own career – make a significant effort to promote the social importance of making sports possible for everyone with a disability.

The Mentelity Foundation can continue to use all help to keep making dreams come true. And to continue to work for children who are told every day what is no longer possible. One of the reasons why we have been supporting the Mentelity Foundation for several years now. Will you be joining us?

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Thank you Bibian. For everything that you represent.

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