International Day of Happiness

Today is the International Day of Happiness! On this day, every year, the happiest country in the world is announced. In recent years, the Netherlands have been in the top 10 of the happiest countries.

Does this also apply to you? Are you content with your life? Or are there aspects you would actually like to change? For example, would you prefer to spend more time with your loved ones, have greater focus on your expertise, and  experience less stress?

Having the right top personal assistant as a business partner can provide significant value in such situations. Curious about the specific advantages a top personal assistant can offer you and your organization? Inquire about the various options.

Smeenk’s Top Personal Assistants is the only headhunter for the next generation of world-class personal assistants in the Netherlands. We focus all of our efforts on finding the right world-class personal assistants for executive boards, allowing board members to focus on their ares of expertise and on achieving sustainable corporate results. Exceptionally agile and with impact. We firmly believe that attention, focus and quality are prerequisites for sustained corporate success and happiness.

It will be our pleasure to use our passion, expertise and network for your benefit!

Your investment for success. Through attention, focus and quality.

International Day of Happiness 2021
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