MA/MSc Eline Holten on the secret of success

“Running for ideals.”

MA/MSc. Eline Holten
General Manager Endoor

What is the secret of success? Is there one trait behind the success of those who excel in business? 

We were allowed to interview MA/Msc. Eline Holten around these questions. Eline being Endoor’s ‘leading lady’ and highly valued business relation and inspirer of more than ten years.

Please find below our full interview with Eline on Endoor and the art of success.

We wish you great inspiration, filled with ideas, attention, focus and quality and of course… GREAT SUCCESS!

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How do you connect people and organizations in the best way? This question intrigues Eline Holten and is the common thread in her career. “I have always acted at the cutting edge of people and organizations and I find it fascinating to see how the development of people and the development of the organization can reinforce one another!”

At the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Eline Holten followed a teacher training course in Biology and Health Sciences, followed by a banking management course at De Baak. Through her internship, she ended up in the HR department at a bank where she worked for a few years as a training advisor. Here she discovered her fascination for people and organizations, after which she decided to study Public Administration at the University of Amsterdam. During her studies, Eline grew to the position of manager in the banking industry. She then made the switch to Twijnstra Gudde. Here she worked for a number of years as a consultant, after which she continued independently, alternating with periods of permanent employment. Eline mainly carried out assignments for organizations in healthcare and education, including a number of vocational schools. This is how she discovered her love for secondary vocational education and for fulfilling a role as a change agent. These come together in the position of general manager at Endoor, which she has fulfilled with verve since 2018. As an entrepreneurial partner organization of the ROC of Twente, Endoor offers secondary vocational education, training and courses for adults. In addition to her position as a manager, Eline also fulfills three supervisory roles.



   Make a social contribution

“I am eager to make a contribution to society and – as cliché as it may sound – I want to make the world a little more beautiful. I therefore work hard to realize ideals. I can’t stand injustice and, for example, I find it awful when people refer to secondary vocational students as ‘lower educated’. If I can use my talent and experience to make this world a better place, I will do exactly that!”

   Come up with working solutions

“As a consultant or manager, it is important to understand what it means to implement an idea and how unruly the execution can be in practice. I for example, have a tendency to get annoyed with organizations that – with all good intentions – come up with complicated bureaucratic regulations for secondary vocational education. Nobody understands them and those arrangements are not going to reach people. Finding solutions that are going to work is what drives me.”

   Give people some space

There are many styles of leadership, but do not forget about yourself. Make yourself part of it. I thrive when I am given the space and trust to be myself and to be an entrepreneur, so that is what I offer as a manager as well. I like to guide people in their professionalism and encourage them to develop their talents. I think it is important that we work together as a team. You are working in as well as for the organization. At Endoor, we all believe in that and we have the same intentions.”

   Always keep developing

“For me, it is important that I can use my qualities, that I can innovate and keep up with a challenge. I can’t imagine what it must be like to yearn for retirement. Why would you stay in a role for so long if it is no longer stimulating? Why don’t you develop your talents and why doesn’t your employer invest in them? At Endoor, we want every organization to have a learning culture and to invest in their talents. And we like to lead by example!”

   Connect innovatively

“I am quite tenacious myself. If I have something in my head, it should actually happen. If not through one way, then through another. In order to achieve results, people in general often consult with other managers or directors in the hierarchical line. I mainly look where to find people with ideas. Who can help me? Who is my critical friend? It is not always easy to translate learning questions from the labor market to the education teams that develop training programs. It is a matter of constantly looking at how you make that connection and trying to understand how the other person thinks. Where is that opening?”

   Empty your head

“For me, work is not work. It does not stop in the evenings and on weekends. Mainly because I enjoy it so much! My work also energizes me significantly. At the same time, I think it’s important to regularly clear your head. I do this by going for a jog twice a week with a good friend. We are good at exchanging experiences and reflecting on each other. That is very pleasant and valuable.”

   Choose the right personal assistant

“Maartje Smeenk from Smeenk’s Personal Assistants supervised the recruitment and selection of the right personal assistant for Endoor. Maartje distinguishes herself through a tailor-made search process! Her working method is accurate, diligent and customer-oriented and she ensures candidates who can match well with you. She takes care of the preparation, implementation, communication and handling. I have been presented with three excellent candidates and have made my choice. Search for the right personal assistant is in good hands with Maartje. She is very reliable, guarantees quality and also saves you much work.”

“Running for ideals.”

MA/Msc Eline Holten on the art of success.

Interviewee: MA/Msc Eline Holten, general manager of

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Interview Eline Holten for Smeenk's Personal Assistants
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