Drs. Daniella Balabanova MBA

As an executive search specialist vor next-level, world-class personal assistants, we partner with passionate professionals from various disciplines. Including since 2016: drs. Daniella Balabanova MBA, management coach and psychologist. Please find below an introduction.

Every candidate we mediate is eligible to a trajectory with drs. Daniella Balabanova MBA, free of charge, for the benefit of their functioning, for up to one year after their start of employment. 

We wish you great inspiration! And of course, would you also like to be able to optimally focus on your expertise? And on achieving sustained corporate results? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

It will be our pleasure to use our expertise, passion and network for your benefit.

Assisting excellent leadership. Through attention, focus and quality.

Management coach and psychologist

After having held various corporate roles – a.o. chairman executive board, management coach and advisor – Daniella Balabanova has her own management coaching practice since 2011. Daniella believes ‘everyone has their own share in success’. Helping professionals and organizations to develop further, to gain momentum and to create sustained, long-term success is her expertise. Daniella has graduated from Leiden University in Clinical Psychology and holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Nyenrode Business University. In 2015, she was awarded “Best Business Woman of the Year of Region Zaandam, the Netherlands”.


Coaching and natural inspiration are her strengths. She is level-headed and able to ‘look beyond the clouds’. While combining her sharp analytical skills with an alert, intuitive sense of implicit factors, she knows how to gain trust and to establish an open and sincere atmosphere. Daniella knows how to make people better people. How to inspire and enable them to grow. And to change their context in a positive manner.

   Core values

As elucidated below, energy, wisdom and balance are Daniella’s core values.

‘Everything consists of energy. We need energy. To live, to develop ourselves and to achieve what we want. In order to use our energy in a proper manner, it is important that we know ourselves well. That we know what renews and withdraws energy. By learning how to use our energy in a balanced manner, we can realize dreams and achieve goals.’

Daniella describes wisdom as ‘the combination of knowledge, experience and insights to continuously develop yourself and to guide others in their development.’

‘The ability to restore our balance is crucial. Balance is life’s foundation. Every system functions best when in-balance. Balance is a dynamic concept and therefore constantly subject to change.’

In addition to individual coaching, Daniella also provides team coaching, professional peer supervision, training, workshops, master classes and lectures.

To your success!

Drs Daniella Balabanova MBA. Management coach and psychologist. An introduction.

Danielle Balabanova for Smeenk's Personal Assistants
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Assisting excellent leadership. Through attention, focus and quality.