Amélie says “Thank you Smeenk’s Top Personal Assistants!”

Because Amélie’s mother is so happy with her new role, Amélie, her 5-year-old daughter, decided to make a drawing for us to say “Thank you” for her mother’s mediation. Isn’t that very thoughtful and sweet?

Thank you Amélie!

Amélie’s mother will soon start as a next-gen top PA to the CEO at an international market leader, headquartered in the Netherlands. She will become his right-hand woman who has a clear vision of her CEO’s dot on the horizon. And will also be able to take control of his route towards that dot. Next to taking care of his operational and more routine tasks.

There is room to grow at the highest level. As a leader and as an organization as a whole. There’s room to get even better. To excel even further and in a more sustainable manner. Towards an organization with more impact. With more innovative power.

The right next-gen top PA helps to make optimum use of that space. And when your business and private life run smoothly, there will also be room to add even more value, for example to society.

This makes us so happy. Both the match, the great added value and of course, this super nice gift!

“If you want to be happy, make others happy.”

And of course, are you a CEO, Business Leader or Executive Board Member yourself? And would you welcome more room at the top as well?

Let’s talk!

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Smeenk’s Top Personal Assistants is the only headhunter for the new generation of world-class Top Personal Assistants in the Netherlands. We focus all of our efforts on finding the right Top Personal Assistants of the future for Executive Boards. So Board Members can focus on their areas of expertise and on achieving sustainable corporate results. In an exceptionally agile manner, with impact. We believe that attention, focus and quality are prerequisities for sustained corporate success. And we are delighted to use our passion, expertise and our network for your benefit.

In addition, we are delighted to invest in Top Personal Assistants who wish to stay ahead in their role. We do this through our masterclass series “Sparkle Your Talents”. 

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