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SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants is the Netherlands’ executive PA-search specialist for excellent leadership. We source the right, next-level personal assistants as business partners for CEO’s, allowing them to focus on their expertise, and on achieving sustainable corporate results. Exceptionally agile, and impactful. Because we believe that personal attention, focus and quality are prerequisites for sustained corporate success.

And we are delighted to use our passion, expertise, and network for your benefit.

SMEENK’S. Assisting Excellent Leadership.

As a CEO in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, agile and impactful leadership is paramount. This encompasses strategic navigation, proactive stakeholder engagement, cultivation of strong business relationships, and maintaining currency with the latest technological advancements. Simultaneously, addressing factors such as geopolitical dynamics, ESG considerations, and the impact of AI requires heightened attention. And let us not overlook the daily demands of engagements such as meetings, calls, and emails, as well as the necessity for introspection and personal growth.

The CEO position demands increased attention, focus, and quality to achieve sustainable business results and maintain extraordinary agility and impactful presence both within and outside the organization. How do you safeguard your autonomy amidst this dynamism? How do you ensure that undue reaction time isn’t spent on matters lying outside your core business as a leader? In essence, how do you maintain sufficient agility in a world of increasing complexity and change?

Having a right-hand who takes work off your responsibilities – a next-level top personal assistant – is invaluable in facing these challenges, as a business partner.

The PA profession has evolved into a business partnership role. We lead the way in this transformation. We understand better than anyone that next-level top personal assistants must be of exceptional quality. They are well-educated (ranging from bachelor’s to university degrees), ambitious, tech-savvy, future-proof, and strategically adept. In short, they are CEOs’ business partners who not only execute operational and routine tasks but also advise, act proactively, and take initiative. Thus, the new role of top personal assistant demands higher standards than the traditional PA role.

With over 15 years of experience as a top personal assistant, chief of staff, and office director in the international business arena, and over 10 years as an executive PA search specialist for excellent leadership, we excel in finding the right, next-level top personal assistant for you. We think from a next-level perspective with you. Our success rate is 100%. You and your HR director can confidently entrust the search to us. Even after the match, we remain intensively involved, offering coaching and masterclass services.

You will receive our full guarantee of finding a true partnership that fits perfectly. Spot-on and more than suitable. On a business tandem that makes you an excellent leader, your teams more flexible and energetic, and your organization as a whole more agile. In short, on an organization that has more impact and is more agile. That possesses more innovation power. And maximizes its full potential.

And thát is exactly our cutting-edge expertise. We find the right, next-level personal assistant for every CEO in corporate Netherlands. There is room to grow at the highest levels within organizations, both for leaders themselves and for the organization as a whole. There is room to become even better. To excel further and more sustainably as individuals and organizations. The right, next-level top personal assistant helps to fully utilize that space. Helps to work more optimally. Helps CEOs to further develop. What will be your next level in excellent leadership?

In short, we ensure a next-level top personal assistant that fits perfectly, creating a solid synergy that exceeds the sum of its parts. Together, we ensure your success, and that of your organization!

Would you like to discuss this manifesto with us? Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to engaging in conversation and leveraging our passion, expertise, and network for your sustainable success.

Through attention, focus, and quality.

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If you would like to talk about any of the items in this manifesto, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It will be our pleasure to use our expertise, passion and network for your benefit.

– Maartje C. Smeenk, Director-Owner

Executive Search Specialist for Top Personal Assistants: Maartje C. Smeenk
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