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As a business leader, CEO or executive board member in a dynamic world you need to be able to manage many areas of focus simultaneously. Determining, monitoring and when needed, adjusting the strategic dot on the horizon. In addition, leading, inspiring stakeholders and team members, maintaining good business relationships and keeping a close eye on the latest technological developments and trends. Moreover, continuing to see opportunities in a growing competitive and globalizing market. And then we have not even mentioned the daily calls, meetings and e-mails. 

The position of a 21st century business leader, CEO and executive board member requires more attention, focus and quality. For achieving sustainable corporate results. For an impactful presence and maneuverability. Both within and outside of the organization. How do you monitor your freedom of movement in this dynamic? How do you ensure that matters outside of your core business as a leader do not consume too much time? How do you remain sufficiently agile in volatile times? 

The right next generation of first-class top personal assistants will be of great value here as a business partner.

The PA profession has evolved into a business partnership role. We are at the forefront of this change. We know better than anyone that the next generation of first-class personal assistants is and must be of a particularly high quality. To flexible deploy the expertise needed for their respective executive, board and organization. 

The next generation and first-class top personal assistants is well-educated (professional and intellectual ability at the level of higher professional education and university), ambitious, technologically savvy, strategically skilled, internationally oriented and future proof. They are a business partner of the executive board who are able to advise, act proactively and capable to undertake their own initiatives. With a clear view of the dot on the horizon and also taking control of the route towards that dot. High demands are therefore placed on the new role of first-class top personal assistant.  

We have more than 15 years of experience as a personal assistant at the highest level in international business. Supplemented by a track record of  more than 10 years as a personalized search professional, exclusively specializing in the next generation of first-class top personal assistants. And we have held the roles of director and MT member with responsibility for Business Support, HR, Finance and IT. So we know how to find the right, next generation and first-class personal assistants for our clients like no other. Our pass rate is 100%. You and your HR director can therefore leave your top-level PA search up to us with full peace of mind.

You will receive our full guarantee for a business partnership. Spot on and more than appropriate. For a business tandem that  makes you as a leader a better leader, your teams more flexible and energetic and your organization as a whole more agile.  With more impact and agility. With more innovative power. Using its full potential.

And thát is exactly our cutting-edge expertise. We find the right, next generation of first-class top personal assistants for every corporate executive in the Netherlands. There is room for growth at the highest level within organizations. Both for individual business leaders and organizations. There is room to improve even more, to excel even further and in an even more sustainable matter. Both for individuals and organizations. The right top personal assistant will help to make optimum use of that space. To optimize work and business growth. To help business leaders, CEOs and executive board members develop further. 

We enable a strong synergy that far exceeds the sum of its parts. In this way we consolidate your success and that of your organization. Together!

If you would like to talk about any of the items in this manifesto, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It will be our pleasure to use our expertise, passion and network for your benefit.

Your investment for success. Through attention, focus and quality.

Executive Search Specialist for Top Personal Assistants: Maartje C. Smeenk

Maartje C. Smeenk

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Your investment for success. Through attention, focus and quality.