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About SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants

Maartje C. Smeenk - Director-owner

“I know the PA role inside out. With more than 15 years of internationally oriented experience as a personal assistant at the highest level, MT member with end responsibility for Business Support, Finance, HR and IT and as an office director at a national recruitment agency for specialized Executive Support & Assistance.

For over 10 years, I have been using my passion, expertise and network as an executive search specialist for the new generation of top personal assistants. And with pleasure.

You and your HR director can therefore leave your search to us with ‘peace of mind’. You receive our full guarantee of a real partnership, spot-on and more than appropriate. Of a business tandem, which makes you as a leader a better leader, teams more flexible and more energetic and the organization as a whole more agile. A strong synergy is created that far exceeds the sum of its parts.

Let’s sustain your and your organization’s success. Together!”

SMEENK’S background

Executive Personal Assistance is in our hearts. We consolidate solutions to sustained corporate successes. Both for leaders and organizations. 

Experience in first-class executive personal assistant search for executive board members.

Experience as an executive personal assistant at the highest level in international business, complemented by experience as an MT-member and office director.
Founding year

SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants was born on November 1st, 2007! A dream come true. A dream that still comes true everyday.

‘Do what you love, love what you do.’

About SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants​

The evolution of the PA profession

The PA profession has evolved into a business partnership role. A role whereby the next-generation first-class personal assistant is able to flexibly deploy the expertise needed for their respective executive, board and organization. We are at the forefront of this change.

We know better than anyone that the next-level of first-class personal assistants is and must be of a particularly high quality. This new generation of first-class personal assistants has earned their spurs in business. They are well-educated (professional and intellectual ability at the level of higher professional education and university), ambitious, digital proof, internationally oriented and strategically skilled.

They are a business partner of the executive board. Who are able to advise, act proactively and undertake their own initiatives. With a clear view of the dot on the horizon and also taking control of the route towards that dot.

Contemporary executives and organizations seeking to respond optimally to the latest trends and developments, simply cannot do without this next-level of first-class personal assistants.

Maartje representing Smeenk's Top Personal Assistants' Brand Manifesto

About SMEENK’S Top Personal Assistants

Unique approach

Through a unique, personalized and omnichannel search process, completely tailored to your requirements, we know how to find the right, next-level personal assistants for every ambitious executive and organization.

  • This unique personalized and omnichannel search process starts with a detailed conversation in which we collect all wishes and requirements and draw up a profile for your right top executive personal assistant.

  • We will go the extra mile in our personalized search and will use all possible channels. From our extensive network of professionals to advertising.

  • The best candidates receive an intensive screening and a DISC assessment to ultimately present the top 3 perfect matches. And all this in 2 to 3 weeks and based on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis, because we have full confidence in finding your right, more than suitable fit. Our 100% success rate with 75% retention after 4 years, substantiates that confidence. No one can provide such results.

  • The result is finding and contracting the right candidate within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving your assignment. Ready to start, fully tested, assessed and screened.

A connection of the highest level.

Success for executives and organizations​

Mission, vision and values

SMEENK’S stands for the customized connection of top-level executives and their right, next-generation and first-class personal assistants. The aim is to help top management fully develop and thus create long-term value for the organization. In short, sustainable investment in success.

Increasingly higher professional requirements are imposed on the role of personal assistants. SMEENK’S passion is to bring perfection and efficiency together in the search and thereby gain a unique leading position with multinationals in the Netherlands.

SMEENK’S keyword is ‘Personalized’, which means customer-oriented and customized results with a top-innovative quality characteristic. Executed with integrity and personal expertise.

Eager to learn what SMEENK’S can mean for your success?

We have outlined our principles and how these will benefit you, in a brand manifesto. This manifesto, together with our passion for personal assistance, is the common thread for all of our activities.

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